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Parents and citizens association

Mount Kuring-Gai Public School has an active and supportive parents and citizens association (P&C).

They are dedicated and work tirelessly to assist with the smooth and successful daily events at Mount Kuring-gai Public School.

What is a P&C association?

A P&C is a school based organisation consisting of parents, teachers and interested citizens. The P&C aim to bring the school and the community into close cooperation. The P&C play a vital role in:

  • providing facilities and equipment for the school
  • encouraging parent participation in curriculum and other education issues
  • sharing information to benefit the school community.

Mount Kuring-gai Public School P&C meet once a month and would love for you to come along and join in supporting your child's education success. For more information please contact the school office or email the P&C at

Click for a copy of our Grievance Policy.

For more information about P&C in NSW, visit P&C NSW.