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About our school

Mt Kuring-Gai Public School is, in many respects, viewed as a unique school by its very supportive school community.

A significant number of families elect to send their children to our school because of the strong sense of community, its focus on the provision of quality learning programs and the emphasis on the pursuit of personal best for all learners.

The school has always enjoyed a very real sense of belonging by the local community and there is a significant commitment to the life of the school from our families. This is reflected in the high level of family involvement in many areas of school life. In a recent survey of parents/carers, it was interesting to note the value placed on the school's caring environment where students feel secure and have their needs met through a variety of stimulating, individually-focused learning programs.

The school continues to grow and change as we embrace the necessity to develop understandings of the needs of our students as they live and work in a rapidly changing world.

In recent years the learning programs have focused on providing a sound basis for students in foundational skills and the broader transferable skills associated with resilience, co-operation, problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork.

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